18:00 CET . Moses, the great law-giver, was born within what would soon be seen as an unlawful union. Jochebed, wife of Amram and mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, is mentioned by name only in Exod 6:20 and Num 26:59, both genealogical listings. Moses introduces his mother to us as “a daughter of Levi” in Exodus 2:1. Exodus 6:20. She was born just as Jacob and his family entered Egypt, where they were destined to be cruelly enslaved. Exodus 6: 20 Also read Numbers 26:58-59. When Jochebed and her husband, Amram, gave birth to Moses, at the risk of their own lives, they hid him until he was three months old.The Bible teaches us many lessons from the life of Jochebed. Aus dieser Ehe seien die in Num 11,26 EU erwähnten Söhne Eldad und Medad hervorgegangen. (NET) Amram was “the Levite man” who was Moses’ father. Jochebed was the daughter of a Levi man and born in Egypt. Amram as one of the sons of Kohath along with Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel. When the Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt, Pharaoh ordered that all newborn Jewish baby boys be put to death. She married Amram and became the mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam.. Photo: Caleb B (CC) This week Open Doors has published its 2018 World Watch List, categorising the 50 countries of the world where persecution of Christians is most severe. According to the Book of Numbers, Jochebed was born to Levi when he lived in Egypt. More Information: Jochebed which in Hebrew means: Jehovah is glory both she and her husband were from the tribe of Levi the priestly tribe. 18, the actual son of Kohath and contemporary of Joseph.He is probably a descendant of the sixth or seventh generation, who bore the same name, and was the head of the Amramite house. Amram married his father’s sister Jochebed, who bore him Aaron and Moses. Die Angaben, ob diese Ehe vor oder nach der Ehe mit Amram gewesen sei, sind widersprüchlich, denn es wird erzählt, Jochebed hätte Elizafan geheiratet, nachdem Amram sich von ihr geschieden, aber bevor sie Mose geboren hätte. Amram as mentioned in the Bible. - Amram.That this Amram is the "man of the house of Levi" mentioned in Exodus 2:1, cannot be doubted; but it is scarcely possible that he should be the Amram of ver. Amram who reached the age of 137 years old married his aunt named Jochebed and they became the parents of their two sons, Aaron and Moses. Numbers 3:19. II. Jochebed was the daughter of Levi, third of Jacob ’s sons. Jochebed 1. The narrative in Exodus 2 about Moses’ birth introduces her, without providing her name, as a member of the priestly tribe Levi; she marries a Levitical man, also unnamed here. [Amram lived 137 years]. (NET) Exodus 6:20 Amram married his father’s sister Jochebed, and she bore him Aaron and Moses. Verse 20. He lived 137 years. Amram und Jochebed begegnen als Vater und Mutter von → Mose (und von dessen älteren Geschwistern → Aaron und → Mirjam) in einigen genealogischen Zusammenstellungen, bei denen es sich allerdings um literarisch späte Texte handelt (Ex 6,18-20; Num 26,58-59; nur Amram allein zudem in Num 3,19; 1Chr 5,28-6,3; 1Chr 23,12-13; 1Chr 24,20). Married. Exodus 2:1 A man from the household of Levi married a woman who was a descendant of Levi. Amram was the son of Kohath, who was a son of Levi.This would make Jochebed the aunt of Amram, her husband. Clearly Jochebed and Amram married before the prohibition was given, but it is a bit of a shocker that for all those Israelites who knew the law looking back on it with hindsight. (The length of Amram’s life was 137 years.) Exodus 6:18, 1 Chronicles 6:2, 1 Chronicles 6:18, 1 Chronicles 23:12. Relation to Amram. This kind of marriage between relatives was later forbidden by the law of Moses.