"Markaz" katolik partiyasining arbobi. [27] The other surviving Zentrum leaders were considered unsuitable for the tasks that lay ahead. Ade... Konrad Herrmann Joseph Adenauer, Auguste Amalie Julie (Gussie) Adenauer (geb. ... Konrad Adenauer, Auguste Amalie Julie (Gussie) Adenauer (geb. ...rad August Emil Emanuel Adenauer, Max Adenauer, Max Adenauer, Maria "ria" Reiners (geb. Adenauer), Ferdinand Adenauer, Paul Adenauer, Charlotte (Lotte*) Multhaupt (geb. [a], In 2003, Adenauer was voted the 'greatest German of all time' in a contest called Unsere Besten run on German public-service television broadcaster ZDF in which more than three million votes were cast. [140], By the early 1960s, connections between the CDU under Adenauer and the intelligence services ("Bundesnachrichtendienst" / BND) had become significantly closer than would be generally known until many years later. [2] During his years in power, West Germany achieved democracy, stability, international respect and economic prosperity ("Wirtschaftswunder", German for "economic miracle").[3]. [33] Adenauer worked diligently at building up contacts and support in the CDU over the following years, and he sought with varying success to impose his particular ideology on the party. Seine Geschwister waren August (18721952), Johannes (18731937), Lilli (18791950) und Elisabeth (1882, dreieinhalb Monate nach der Geburt gestorben). Konrad Adenauer era il terzo di cinque figli di Johann Konrad Adenauer, nato nel 1833 e deceduto nel 1906, e di sua moglie Helene, nata Scharfenberg, nata nel 1849 e deceduta nel 1919. West Germany then initially paid about 3 billion Mark to Israel and about 450 million to the Claims Conference, although payments continued after that, as new claims were made. Adenauer had not initiated the arrests, but initially defended the person responsible, Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss, and called the Spiegel memo "abyss of treason". "[20] After arranging for the safety of his family, he appealed to the abbot of the Benedictine monastery at Maria Laach for a stay of several months. Election gains of Nazi Party candidates in municipal, state and national elections in 1930 and 1932 were significant. [80] The French had been assuaged that West German rearmament would be no threat to France. Palais Schaumburg is a neoclassical-style building in Bonn, Germany, which served as the primary official seat of the German Federal Chancellery and the primary official residence of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 until 1976. [95] The Paris summit helped to strengthen the bond between Adenauer and the French, who saw themselves as fellow European powers living in a world dominated by Washington and Moscow. [70] Israeli public opinion was divided over accepting the money, but ultimately the fledgling state under David Ben-Gurion agreed to take it, opposed by more radical groups like Irgun, who were against such treaties. Tammann, Gustav A. and Engelbert Hommel. Konrad Adenauer, nado en Colonia o 5 de xaneiro de 1876 e finado en Bad Honnef o 19 de abril de 1967, foi un home de estado e chanceler alemán, que xunto con Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet e Alcide De Gasperi, é considerado como "pai de Europa" en referencia á Unión Europea.. Traxectoria. Hän oli Saksan liittotasavallan ensimmäinen liittokansleri (1949–1963)[1] ja oli myös ulkoministerinä (1951–1955) liittoutuneiden sallittua viran perustamisen. [24] The probable reason for this was that Adenauer considered the Germans the equals of the occupying Allies, a view that Templer did not appreciate, resulting in his sacking. Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer (* 5 Januarie 1876 in Keulen; † 19 April 1967 in Rhöndorf; eintlik Conrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer) was vanaf 1949 die eerste bondskanselier van die Federale Republiek van Duitsland (Wes-Duitsland). By early 1959, Adenauer came under renewed pressure from his Western allies, to recognize the Oder-Neisse line, with the Americans being especially insistent. ... Konrad* Hermann Joseph Adenauer, Auguste Amalie Julie (Gussie*) Adenauer (geb. In 1954, he received the Karlspreis (English: Charlemagne Award), an award by the German city of Aachen to people who contributed to the European idea, European cooperation and European peace. Konrad Adenauer var ein djupt truande katolikk, noko som vart ein stor fordel i den politikken som skulle gjere samarbeidet, og oppmjuking i tilhøvet til Frankrike lettare, ettersom Charles de Gaulle også var katolikk. i njegove žene Helene (1849. Konrad Hermann Josef Adenauer (born 5 January 1876 in Cologne; died 19 April 1967 in Rhöndorf (part of Bad Honnef)). As chancellor, Adenauer tended to make most major decisions himself, treating his ministers as mere extensions of his authority. In 1896, at the age of 20, he was mustered for the Prussian army, but did not pass the physical exam due to chronic respiratory problems he had experienced since childhood. [124] Though Adenauer had tried to get Britain to join the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951–52, by the early 1960s Adenauer had come to share General de Gaulle's belief that Britain simply did not belong in the EEC. Adenauer was one of the leading advocates of "leaving the tower", which led to a dramatic clash between him and Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber at the 1922 Katholikentag, where the Cardinal publicly admonished Adenauer for wanting to take the Zentrum "out of the tower". [69] In the face of severe opposition both from the public and from his own cabinet, Adenauer was only able to get the reparations agreement ratified by the Bundestag with the support of the SPD. Konrad Adenauer; g. 1876 m. sausio 5 d. Kelne – 1967 m. balandžio 19 d. Bad Honefe) – vokiečių politikas, teisininkas, pirmasis Vokietijos … Konrad Hermann Josef Adenauer, nemški odvetnik in politik, * 5. januar 1876, Köln, † 19. april 1967, Bad Honnef-Rhöndorf. April 1904 in Ebingen, Württemberg; 9. During this time, Adenauer came into conflict with the Economics Minister Ludwig Erhard over the depth of German integration to the West. [76], In the spring of 1954, opposition to the Pleven plan grew within the French National Assembly. It was Adenauer himself who personally instructed the BND to spy on his SPD rival, the future chancellor Willy Brandt.[141]. "[102] The physicists of the Max Planck Institute for Theoretical Physics at Göttingen and other renowned universities would have had the scientific capability for in-house development, but the will was absent,[103] nor was there public support. ), Lili (1879. It was said that Adenauer was elected Chancellor by the new German parliament by "a majority of one vote – his own". Adenauer reached an agreement for his "nuclear ambitions" with a NATO Military Committee in December 1956 that stipulated West German forces were to be "equipped for nuclear warfare". Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer (5 Januari 1876 - 19 Aprili 1967) alikuwa mwanajeshi wa Ujerumani ambaye alitumika kama chansela wa kwanza wa Shirikisho la Ujerumani (Ujerumani Magharibi) kutoka mwaka 1949 hadi 1963.Alikuwa mwanzilishi mwenza na kiongozi wa kwanza wa Christian Democratic Union (CDU) (hadi 1966), chama ambacho chini ya uongozi wake kikawa moja ya vyama vyenye … August Adenauer Johannes Franz Richard Adenauer (en) Emilie Helene Marie Louise Adenauer (en) Maria Johanna Elisabeth Adenauer (en) Hezkuntza; Heziketa: Friburgoko Unibertsitatea Municheko Unibertsitatea Bonngo Unibertsitatea: Hizkuntzak: alemana: Jarduerak; … Januar 1876 zu Köln a gestuerwen den 19. Je považovaný za jedného z najvýznamnejších nemeckých politikov. [15] To save the Rhineland economy, Adenauer opened talks with the French High Commissioner Paul Tirard in late October 1923 for a Rhenish republic in a sort of economic union with France which would achieve Franco-German reconciliation, which Adenauer called a "grand design". Brother of Ferdinand Adenauer; Monsignore Paul Adenauer; Charlotte (Lotte) Multhaupt and Elisabeth (Libet) Werhahn Ferdinand Adenauer Max Adenauer Maria Adenauer Georg Adenauer: Germans: August Adenauer, Johannes Franz Richard Adenauer, Emilie Helene Marie Louise Adenauer i Maria Johanna Elisabeth Adenauer: Premis (1988) Historian Prize of the city of Muenster (en)../... 62+ Signatura . [123] In Adenauer's viewpoint, the Cold War meant that the NATO alliance with the United States and Britain was essential, but there could be no deeper integration into a trans-Atlantic community beyond the existing military ties as that would lead to a "mishmash" between different cultural systems that would be doomed to failure. ... Adenauer, Maria "ria" Reiners (geb. [72] Begin had been the commander of Irgun and at that time headed Herut and was a member of the Knesset. In the Luxemburger Abkommen, West Germany agreed to pay compensation to Israel. Leta 1909 je postal podžupan, leta 1917 pa župan Kölna. Konrad August Emil Emanuel Adenauer, Max Adenauer, Maria Adenauer, Ferdinand Adenauer, Paul Adenauer, Charlotte Adenauer, Libet Werhahn, Georg Adenauer Gwobr/au: Gwobr Siarlymaen, Uwch Groes Urdd Teilyngdod Gweriniaeth Ffederal yr Almaen, cyflwyniad arbennig, Uwch-seren Datganiad o Wasanaeth i Weriniaeth Awstria, Urdd Teilyngdod Bavaria, Gwobr y Groes Uwch Genedlaethol o Groes … ... Adenauer, Maria "ria" Reiners (geb. İmperatoriye (1871–1918) Otto von Bismarck * Leo von Caprivi * Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst * Bernhard von Bülow * Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg * Georg Michaelis * Georg von Hertling * … Adenauer), Ferdinand Adenauer, Paul Adenauer, Charlotte Adenauer, Elisabeth Werhahn (geb. When the East German uprising of 1953 was harshly suppressed by the Red Army in June 1953, Adenauer took political advantage of the situation and was handily re-elected to a second term as Chancellor. Nacque a Colonia , nella Prussia renana , il 5 gennaio 1876 . Im Dritten Reich war er NSDAP-Mitglied seit 1933. After the city was transferred into the British zone of occupation, however, the Director of its military government, General Gerald Templer, dismissed Adenauer for incompetence in December 1945. Adenauer, as mayor of Cologne and president of the Prussian State Council, still believed that improvements in the national economy would make his strategy work: ignore the Nazis and concentrate on the Communist threat. Konrad Hermann Josef Adenauer (Köln, 5. siječnja 1876. [94] The news of the "Bulganin letters" reached Adenauer mid-way on the train trip to Paris. Adenauer syntyi ja vietti lapsuutensa Kölnissä. [85] At the same time, Adenauer's efforts to win freedom for Admiral Karl Dönitz ran into staunch opposition from the British Permanent Secretary at the Foreign Office, Ivone Kirkpatrick, who argued Dönitz would be an active danger to German democracy. Konrad Adenauer (5. januar 1876 i Köln – 19. april 1967 i Rhöndorf) var en tysk politiker og statsmand. Letter to the Prussian Interior Minister of 10 August 1934 (after his firing), available online in: The Nazi-ferreting questionnaire cited 136 mandatory reasons for exclusion from employment and created red-tape nightmares for both the hapless and the guilty; see, Ludtke, Alf "'Coming to Terms with the Past': Illusions of Remembering, Ways of Forgetting Nazism in West Germany" pages 542–572 from. Schumacher by contrast, though an anti-communist, wanted to see a united, socialist and neutral Germany. Ey serdariya dewleta Almanya kerda. Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer GCTE • GCC (Colônia, 5 de janeiro de 1876 — Bad Honnef, 19 de abril de 1967) foi um político alemão cristão-democrata, advogado, prefeito de Colônia e também um dos arquitetos da economia social de mercado. Adenauer je bil kancler Zahodne Nemčije med letoma 1949 in 1963; bil je najstarejši kancler po drugi svetovni vojni. [137] The Soldiers' Law of 1956 laid down that soldiers had the same rights as other citizens, "limited only by the demands of military service. Georg Adenauer; Foglalkozás: politikus, jogász: Iskolái: Albert Ludwig Egyetem, Freiburg; Lajos–Miksa Egyetem; Bonni Egyetem; Vallás: római katolikus egyház: Díjak : Károly-díj (1957. május 27.) Se'l considera un dels quatre pares de l'actual Unió Europea, conjuntament amb Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman i Alcide De Gasperi. Konrad Adenauer was born as the third of five children of Johann Konrad Adenauer (1833–1906) and his wife Helene (née Scharfenberg; 1849–1919) in Cologne, Rhenish Prussia, on 5 January 1876. [16] At the same time, Adenauer clung to the hope that the Rentenmark might still circulate in the Rhineland. Konrad Adenauer (5-yanvar 1876, Kyoln — 19-aprel 1967, Bonn) — GFR davlat arbobi. In 1952, the Stalin Note, as it became known, "caught everybody in the West by surprise". ...ax Adenauer, Maria (Ria) Reiners (geb. Adenauer headed Cologne during World War I, working closely with the army to maximize the city's role as a rear base of supply and transportation for the Western Front. He remained chairman of the CDU until his resignation in December 1966. It can be argued that because of Adenauer's policies, a later reunification of both German states was possible, and unified Germany has remained a solid partner in the European Union and NATO. [107], On 27 November 1958 another Berlin crisis broke out when Khrushchev submitted an ultimatum with a six-month expiry date to Washington, London and Paris, where he demanded that the Allies pull all their forces out of West Berlin and agree that West Berlin become a "free city", or else he would sign a separate peace treaty with East Germany. [5] His siblings were August (1872–1952), Johannes (1873–1937), Lilli (1879–1950) and Elisabeth, who died shortly after birth in c. 1880. [74] The CDU/CSU came up one seat short of an outright majority. Original caption: For documentary purposes the German Federal Archive often retained the original image captions, which may be erroneous, biased, obsolete or politically extreme. One of the formative influences of Adenauer's youth was the Kulturkampf, an experience that as related to him by his parents left him with a lifelong dislike for "Prussianism", and led him like many other Catholic Rhinelanders of the 19th century to deeply resent the Rhineland's inclusion in Prussia. Ei lysenw oedd Der Alte . Fyrirmynd greinarinnar var „Konrad Adenauer“ á ensku útgáfu Wikipedia.