Actor Marital status Brianna has a close relationship with her mother, though it was tested when Claire revealed the truth about Brianna's paternity. He leads her outside to the river and lays John on the bank with the flames from the warehouse behind them lighting the area. Lord John tells her he is half-tempted to accept her absurd offer, that it would please her aunt, outrage her mother and teach Brianna to play with fire. They finally find a hive in late afternoon. Voyager Ian confirms that Jamie never did, and neither did the rest of the family. She tells Brianna she loves her very much and Brianna says she's always known that, from the beginning. She tells him that her father took her target shooting and taught her to shoot with pistol, rifle and shotgun. Claire's daughter hotly suggests that perhaps her mother is just jealous because Frank loved her so much and not his wife. Before they leave, Jamie tells his daughter that he will bring Roger home to her, or he won't return himself. Brianna makes her promise not to tell Jamie, because he will blame himself. He admits he doesn't know, but if a man and woman live together for some time, they are considered married by common law and handfasting would fall within that class. He tells her that it was Claire's idea to plant them, and it kept them from starving more than once. When she notices the sow and her piglets, a pregnant mare and a nursing cow, she remarks the stable looks like a maternity ward and explains to Jamie that means a special area in the hospital to protect newborns from germs. “It might not be Roger’s.” When Claire hears about the rape, she is horrified, clutching Brianna who blames herself for not fighting him off. Brianna reflects that Claire married Frank at age eighteen, and wonders how anyone could be so sure about anything at that age. He tells her that his son is actually the son of his late wife's sister yet he could not be closer to him if they had blood between them. The babysitter left Brianna alone, and Brianna ventured outside to look for Claire. He says his last name is MacKenzie and that quite a few of his relatives lie under the clan stone on Culloden Field. She plays her trump card and says if he does not, she will expose him as a pederast. The next day, while Claire is at the library, they tackle the garage and find a set of the Reverend's journals. Now, officially, Jamie didn’t become a dad until Season 2, when their daughter Faith was born. Roger says that the Fraser was not Young Simon because history knows what happened to him, and that left only Jamie. She teases John that he'll have to marry her now. He's surprised, but recognizes her resemblance to his uncle. She says she sorry, she never meant for him to follow her, but she's very glad he's there. He tells her that Jenny is worried Brianna might blame him for Laoghaire as it was her who insisted he marry her. Jamie turns to Claire in a lovely, typical parental exchange as he wonders how to bond with her. Jeremiah Fraser MacKenzie (son)Amanda MacKenzie (daughter) Jenny tells her that it is a self-portrait, and Bree realizes where she got her talent for art. She says it doesn't feel right to look for Jamie when Frank was her father. He's still angry with her, mostly because he was afraid he had lost her to someone else, and if he were a man of this time and condoned wife beating, he'd take a strap to her. Brianna and Roger begin reading the letters left to them by Claire and Jamie. He gave her a .22 gauge rifle when she was thirteen, and a shotgun for her fifteenth birthday. “I dinna want to replace your father,” he tells her. Jamie returns home that night with banged up hands and Brianna worries about telling him, but he's already guessed. She's insulted by Edgars' drunken behavior and before long guesses that Roger is up to something by bringing her there, and she cuts the visit short. Experts call the problematic behavior 'truly reckless. He continued to take her to practice shooting, with a pistol, rifle and shotgun well into her teens. EngineerPlant Inspector for the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board He brings them to the church there, which has become a little run down since the Reverend died. She says she loves him, but because of what happened with her mother, she has to be absolutely sure, and it's at least a year before they can be together, so she just thinks it's best to wait. Fair Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), Jamie’s godfather, is waiting for them at Fraser’s Ridge. Brianna assures Jenny that she will go there as soon as she can. When Claire says, “Oh my baby,” it was impossible to keep back tears. Finally, they marry. “She was afraid of him,” she tells Jamie. Brianna expected her to be excited to see the stone, not angry. Occupation She asks who's on trial and is told Fergus Fraser for assaulting an officer of the crown, but he'll be acquitted as Jamie Fraser's come down the mountain for him. Full name Married He tells her that the Frasers' cry is "Caisteal Dhuni". Brianna was totally unaware of Frank's motives until she found a letter from him addressed to her, years after his death.[15]. He arranged transport for Jamie back to his home, feeling that with his infected leg wound, he probably wouldn't survive the journey. Brianna is upset that he's there because she was counting on him being in the future so she can return. Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie is the second daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. He says that it is not for the sake of her soul, and she must find the grace of forgiveness. With her parents with her, Brianna delivers a healthy baby boy. The five-time Grammy winner said a consistent look reflects her positive state of mind. The record indicated Jamie had been paroled to a place named Helwater. “In this case, the star of Bethlehem idea may very well just have been a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is bright and brilliant and no one would be missing it.” The next time to expect a Jupiter & Saturn Conjuction that stands up to this one is in the year 2080, and then not again until 2417, so you may want to catch it while you can. Laoghaire accuses Brianna of showing up to get the money Jamie owes her and demands to know who her mother is. Jamie says he's yet to see a bottle jump from the table to a man's lips all on its own. She and Roger watch as Claire disappears into the stones. Jocasta is delighted to have her niece there and gives Brianna her art equipment that she could not use since becoming blind. Doctors say these tools can help keep your family safe and healthy. Jamie points out he might have met with an accident or something and Bree insists if he were dead, she'd know. Later, when Bonnet is arrested for smuggling and is imprisoned in Cross Creek, Lord John Grey accompanies Brianna on a visit to see him. Amid the turmoil, Young Jamie leads a shocked Brianna to the parlor where she meets her uncle Ian Murray who welcomes her. She plucks it from his hands and swings it again and again at his head until she is stopped by Bonnet. She assures him that she will. He wants her to stay there, but she says she must find her mother for Lizzie's sake. When she finds the notice of her parents' death in 1776, Brianna sends Roger a box of her belongings and then travels into the past. Brianna agrees to go with Roger to some of the battle sites of the '45 rebellion. Realizing she might get locked out, she rushes in behind him to his surprise. He asks what she wants from him, and she says nothing and tells him the baby is his and that it might make dying easier if he knows there's something of him left, and she's done with him. Jamie brings her to River Run and insists they stay there while they search for Roger. Brianna says she will speak with Bonnet alone, and since they are holding him in chains, John agrees. Parents and Siblings Jamie offers to fetch ale and what is a hot dog. Score on Samsung, Xbox, Sony, Shark, iRobot, Lenovo and more. In spite of the certain knowledge that another man fathered the child, Frank also knew that he could not sire children himself. Months later, and after a long sea voyage, Roger finds Brianna in Wilmington in 1769, and she is at once overjoyed and disturbed to see him, believing that Roger's presence in the 20th century would have been her assurance of being able to return, by using him as a focal point. They spend the rest of the afternoon wandering about the festival, watching the events. Extended Family Jenny says that's why she knew who Brianna was right away. Lizzie, trying to be helpful, warns Ian and Jamie, that this is the man who she saw with Brianna. She realizes that he had seen the death notice and didn't tell her about it. In 1969 Boston, Brianna receives an early-morning phone call from Roger Wakefield who says he will be attending a conference in Boston and asks if she wants to see him. Jamie agrees they will go to the Gathering and witness their wedding. Back at River Run, Brianna rails at a recovering Lord John at her aunt's stubbornness in insisting that she will leave River Run and its slaves to her. Ian asks her when she sees Jamie to ask him what he wants done with Lallybroch now that he has an heir. He's cautious, wanting to know how she knows that name, and she tells him before Claire left she told her about him and about what happened to him in Wentworth Prison. Jamie's grabs for his pistols until he realizes the man is Roger. Brianna shows him a letter Jamie wrote her, saying that he might not see her again, and that she once asked if it was right to kill in revenge. “What happens in astronomy which I think is really cool, is that we can go back through historical texts and we can locate when somebody has said something in a story or a folklore that we can connect back to an astronomical event,” she says. She says she does and they're a little awkward with each other until Bree realizes that Roger is the only person in the world who understands how she feels about her parents living in the past. Bree angrily insists that Frank Randall was her father, and she doesn't know why Claire is saying that he was not. She realizes that Lord John is homosexual and wonders for a moment if her father knows, but dismisses the notion after his experience in Wentworth Prison Jamie couldn't hold a man with that preference with such warm regard. He tells her that Fiona Graham and her fiancé Ernie Buchan are buying the manse because it has the room for kids. It’s definitely worth the wait. She realizes that he did that to make a point, that there was no way she could have fought off Bonnet, and it wasn't her fault. Ian points out the cave Jamie lived in after Culloden, and she climbs the hill to it. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 1, Vol. She tells him she assumed that his former marriage was just a formal arrangement like she is suggesting and that if she had known he did enjoy sleeping with women, she would not have suggested it, that if he did want to sleep with her, she can't marry him, that it wouldn't be right because of Roger. Brianna also applies for a job as a plant inspector at Loch Errenty. Roger throws up in Bree's lap, leading Claire to believe they're getting to know each other again. Back at the manse, Claire tells them both how much she'll miss them and retires to her room for her final preparations. As the water reaches his neck, Brianna shoots him in the head.[19]. He says in his mind, she was a child, not a woman grown. Claire finds her original wedding ring in Brianna’s clothes and realizes that Bonnet is the man who raped her. One early morning in September 1769, Jamie takes Brianna hunting in the mountains. Jamie puts on his glasses and tears up again looking at the daughter he’s never met. She knows he would present her choice to her on the spot as a public proposal of marriage, so she deflects to Mrs. Alderdyce's opinion. When an apothecary attempts to bleed the girl, Brianna throws him out. Many of the neighbor women immediately speculate about their relationship. They find a quiet shed and Roger tells her about handfasting, an old Highland custom where people in remote areas would pledge to be together for a year and a day and at the end of that time, if they were still sure, they would find a minister to make it legal, or they would part. She begs him to stop, and he tells her he could break her neck and kill her, and he could do whatever he wanted to and asks if she could stop him. He asks if he should walk her to the house, and she says she'll stay with him for a while. Bonnet kills him and runs out of the corridor. Brianna refuses to speak to her father when he returns. They argue. Spoilers ahead for Outlander Season 4, Episode 5. Roger says they'll figure out a way to get home. Now, Lotte Verbeek has … At the mention of her mother, she bravely tries to turn the conversation and Roger apologizes for bringing her here. Frank persuaded her not to, and offered to have Brianna come to his university office after school. Not long after the execution, they plan to return to the 20th century. Laoghaire claims Claire is a witch, that she bewitched Jamie from the day she came to Castle Leoch and made Laoghaire invisible. At the gathering, Roger borrows a guitar and Brianna, smugly proud, watches as he performs. Search For Honda CR-V offers. When Bonnet attempts to kidnap Brianna's son Jemmy in Wilmington, Brianna shoots him in the groin, which Claire later learns resulted in the loss of one of his testicles. Claire revealed the truth to Brianna: that her biological father was an 18th-century Scottish Highlander named Jamie Fraser. Lawyer Forbes asks Brianna her opinion about which of four jewels he's considering purchasing she likes the best. Meanwhile, Brianna's coworker Rob Cameron displays increasing interest in her, seeming curious about her knowledge of Gaelic and the history of Lallybroch. Claire assures her daughter that Jamie will make sure Roger comes home. Outlander: Jamie meets daughter Brianna for the first time Outlanderseason six sees the return of Brianna Fraser (played by Sophie Skelton) and … Outlander is a series of historical romance science fiction novels by American author Diana Gabaldon. She realizes they love him and were happy for him. Brianna finally submits to the maid's dressing and asks who the lord is. They finally arrive in Cross Creek, and the boatman carries Lizzie to his sister's home. Roger had helped her grieve her mother and asked her to stay, but there were things she needed to do first, to finish school and to rebuild her shattered life. Terri Conneran thought her asthma symptoms were getting worse. In October, Brianna's handfast husband Roger MacKenzie comes to the Ridge, but due to a gross misunderstanding, Jamie and Ian believe that he raped Brianna. When the baby falls asleep, she hands him to Roger, and he knows that he can love the boy for his own sake and hopes he was the father. He tells her to call him Da. Claire says she honored that promise, but now that he's dead, Brianna needs to know the truth. Brianna checks on Lord John and finds him barely alive. She says he promised it would be okay, and as long as he's there, she won't die. A Florida school is reeling after losing two teachers. Roger comes to find her and make up after their quarrel, but never sees her because Bonnet has forced him back to work aboard his ship. Born He tells her it's Geillis Duncan and asks if that was something her mother thought up. Brianna MacKenzie She's not sure what to call him as Frank was Daddy and Father seemed too formal. They fight, and she admits she loves him. He also tells her the story of his marriage to Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa and the death of their daughter, for which he blames himself, and Brianna comforts him. This is the episode everyone has been waiting for–the first time Jamie Fraser meets his daughter, Brianna. He asks if she'll go with him; she declines. Bree tells Claire that if time moves parallel as they believe it does, she can go back to him. Jenny tells Brianna her parents are in the Colony of North Carolina, not near any town, but Jamie writes every day and then will send it when he or Young Ian make the trip to Cross Creek. She has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. After listening to Mr. Forbes' sister regale her with her brother's importance, Bree simply wishes they would all leave her alone and why couldn't Aunt Jocasta wait a few months, but realizes that as Scots, kind but practical and certain in their conviction it was better she marries before the birth of the baby. “You can call me Da.” “Is that Gaelic?” “’s just simple.” There are so many tender scenes here–between Heughan and Skelton and between him and Balfe. While helping Jamie and Marsali at the whisky clearing, young Germain Fraser chokes on a button and Brianna saves him with the Heimlich maneuver endearing Bree to Marsali. Sign up for Yahoo Life’s daily newsletter, Black scientist shares inspiring vaccine message, Latino members of Congress skip big Nochebuena gatherings, urge Americans to do the same, N.C. wedding venue turns away lesbian couple, citing 'Christian values'. He tells her that Claire left it up to him whether they should try to stop Gillian Edgars, a.k.a. Brianna was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, to English expatriate parents Claire and Frank Randall. Claire tells Ian that Brianna doesn't need to hear this, and she insists she does; she wants to know everything. She comforts him during his nightmares, which reveal his deep fear of death by drowning. He first takes her to a pub where they talk about Roger's work, and he's surprised she knows so much about it. And in fairness to Outlander, the hand job doesn’t heal Jamie for good. Roger has his guitar and bodhran with him, and he tells them that while his airfare is paid for by the conference, his expenses are not so he'll sing at a local Celtic festival up in the mountains at the end of the week. He tells Roger to call him Joe and asks Bree to fix the television, so they can watch the landing. Lord John is amused and says he wondered about the odd collection at the dinner party, especially the attention Mr. Alderdyce was paying to her. Roger and then Jamie show up to protect their women as do the other Scots among the people. She refuses to say anything to him. Later, Brianna tells Lord John that two riders were seen heading toward River Run and one appears to be Jamie Fraser, and they must not have found Roger. She says it doesn't matter anymore, but wants to know why he came back. Claire doesn't know, but tells Brianna to be prepared to take the baby up to the hills. She guesses he's currently in Scotland because his accent thickens when he's there. He reminds her that she's Scots also. She tells him she doesn't need any more light, but he says that Miss Jo will be down soon, and the light helps her navigate through the room. But you are my flesh and blood and since you’ve been here, my heart and soul as well.” They reach an understanding. Jamie says few die from it, not him and not her. During dinner, the two ignore each other and after Brianna noisily works the spinning wheel to annoy Jamie, who goes outside with Claire. Having searched for and discovered historical records about the man Claire named as Brianna's biological father – and having potentially found out other as-yet-unknown truths about the dangers of being a time-traveler – Frank took certain steps toward preparing Brianna for a possible foray into the past, including teaching her to ride a horse and to shoot. Jamie remarks Claire had told him germs were nasty things, and she agrees. She asks if he has a girlfriend back home, and he says nothing serious and she tells him the same. Life settles into an uneasy routine with Brianna and Roger not knowing how to act around each other. Roger rushes to stop Gillian and if Brianna hadn't stopped him, he would have been pulled into the stones. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, "I Give You My Body...": How I Write Sex Scenes, Outlander: Season 1, Vol. She finds Lord John has been attacked by Murchinson and Brianna believes he's dead. Brianna doesn't believe her and thinks Claire is mixing up the men of Culloden under the strain of Frank's death. Claire agrees with Brianna about not telling Jamie about Stephen Bonnet, knowing he would go after the pirate. She says if she can't have Roger, she'll have no one. He comforts her and sings her a lullaby he said he would have sung to her as a babe. When she arrives there, he rapes her, giving her the ring as payment for his enjoyment. Brianna had heard stories of Lord John from her mother and was expecting someone tall and imposing; however, he stood a half foot shorter than her and with fair skin and large, beautiful eyes. In July 1776, Brianna and Roger are in Wilmington for the execution of Steven Bonnet. Claire says it was a terrible time; they were starving and the world was coming to an end, and it seemed they had no hope. Save up to 65 percent on cardigans, turtlenecks, crewnecks, and more. Season(s) Phaedre insists that Brianna wear a corset to hide her pregnancy and Brianna points out that the whole county knows she's pregnant and Phaedre says people knowing is not the same as her flaunting it at dinner. Despite Claire and Jamie having some major distractions in "Savages," they still feel the presence of Brianna. But Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are outstanding and seem to make everyone around them better–both have faces that express emotions subtly and beautifully, which is good since so many emotions are found in this exciting episode. Height He says he knows how strong women are, and she's strong enough for what must be done. Brianna says that in that second, she knew she wasn't alone in this world, and she said, "oh, it's you.". 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 Most of all love. She tells him her father, her "real" father Frank Randall, taught her. Edit Outlander season 6 episodes: What will happen next? Roger, finally finished with his stint on Bonnet’s ship, makes his way to Fraser’s Ridge to find Brianna. Brianna tells her mother that she believes the baby isn't Roger's and then tells her about being raped by Stephen Bonnet and how the pirate paid her with her mother's ring. Despite Jocasta's protests, the Fraser family head back to Fraser's Ridge to wait for Roger's return or not, and they part company with Lord John on the road. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She looks at her hand and finds a black diamond gleaming in her palm. Before he goes off to perform, he gives her an envelope full of photographs. Claire asks Brianna to assist her in treating Roger's infected foot, and she's appalled to find out her mother is using maggots to debride the dead tissue.