But it’s NOT “your body or your choice” if you want to perform sexual acts for a living, inhale, ingest or inject “government unapproved” illicit drugs into your own body, or choose to not where a mask, or get a vaccine. Terms & Conditions, Copyright © 2020 Daily Times Website Developed By Daily Times Developers. This page is created to spread awareness and advocacy. However, many abortion-choice advocates understand basic biology. This culturing cannot be processed without power. In this game, the women were equalized with inferior features like that of weakness and cowardice. Compensation of what! “My body, my choice”: Inside Colorado’s growing anti-shutdown movement Frustration at the state’s restrictions boiled over last weekend On 8 March 2020 Aurat March, many signs found a way to spin the main four words of Mera Jism Meri Marzi into statements like 'mera poster, tumhari marzi?' Mali, Niger and Senegal were in lowest list with only 7% women getting freedom to decide about their own bodies regarding sexual intercourse with their partner, contraception use and health care. [48] In Spanish it is translated as "Mi cuerpo es mío" ("My body is mine.") [20][21], Concept of My body, my choice (Mera jism meri marzi) was discussed in a March 2003 article in the Indian women's magazine, Femina. Winter vacations: Punjab schools, educational institutions to remain closed from Dec 25, Govt gives one week ultimatum to petrol smugglers to end practice, Punjab decides to sell, lease land to raise funds for mega projects, Court summons Achakzai for ‘inappropriate remarks’ in Lahore rally, POL import bill contracts 22.8% to $3.946 billion in five months, Efforts being made to facilitate workers registered under EOBI: Bukhari, Over 1,300 PIA employees agree to take early retirement under VSS scheme, Minister assures Sialkot business community of all-out govt help, FBR explains turnover from disposal of closing stock under FTR, Families of Italian Covid victims seek $122 million from government, Unilever expands partnership with Burger King to launch plant-based Whopper in Latin America, China, UK coronavirus variant likely detected in Hong Kong. Some of the criticism of "My body, my choice" in South Asia comes from the radical right in Islam. Second-wave feminist activism has argued for reproductive rights and choice. WhatsApp. The women's health movement and lesbian feminism are also associated with this debate. 'My body, my choice,' she wrote. Twitter. One exhibition named Voices and Choices, curated by director Mmabatho Montsho, presented abortion stories and experiences with the mediums of photography, graphics, art and videos. [36] According to Barry, challenges facing women include sexual objectification, sexual harassment and gender based sexual abuse and violence. This contrasts to men's role as a moral agent, responsible for working or fighting in bloody wars. “If it’s my body, then I get to punch the person next to me” is not an argument that sane people will find logical. But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? ("My body belongs to me!"). [9] Rameeza Ahmad describes how the Pakistani version of "my body, my choice," "Mera Jism Meri Marzi," is important to feminists because it is important for women to know they have control over their own bodies. [28] It is a push for single women's equality in the workplace, where there is a large wage gap between men and women. The argument “my body, my choice” fails to recognize the baby is a separate human with their own body. In German, the commonly used slogan is Mein Körper gehört mir! 4.25 Stars (I received an e-arc from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review) My Body My Choice is a book that needs to be placed in junior high and high schools all over the world, it’s that important especially in todays climate. On 11 March 2013, Amina Sboui was the first Tunisian woman to post a photograph of herself nude from the waist up on Facebook, with the phrase "My body is mine and not the source of anybody's honour" in Arabic. While discussing choices surrounding reproduction, bodily autonomy is about freedom of one's own choices. My Body My Choice is the book I wish I had as a teen, before, during, and after my abortion. The pro-abortion marchers responded with slogans like "Pro-life, that's a lie, you don't care if women die", and "Not the church, not the state, women will decide their fate. ", "The government does not belong in our bedrooms...It does not belong in our doctors' offices." If … [9] In 2019, as the most restrictive abortion law in the United States was signed by Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, demonstrators used the slogan outside of the Alabama Capitol in protest. [17][18], In 2018, multiple South African sexual and reproductive health and rights organizations came together to champion a social and community media initiative named #MyBodyMyChoice. The slogan ‘My body, my choice’ symbolically dares the inferiority of women and challenges the attribute concomitant to manhood. "[32], Issues commonly associated with notions of women's rights include the right to bodily integrity and autonomy; to be free from sexual violence; to vote; to hold public office; to enter into legal contracts; to have equal rights in family law; to work; to fair wages or equal pay; to have reproductive rights; to own property; to education. [59] Rameeza Ahmad states that women everywhere have to face huge patriarchal injustices against their own bodies. Many more simplistic slogans, in the previous Aurat Marches, have also been made controversial. Maybe you have seen written responses to the “my body, my choice” statements which reflect what these figures point out; biologically, a preborn human is not the woman’s body or a part of her body. They have decided that their way of behavior and understanding is final. Cerabino is not happy about it. [29], Emma Watson has worn T-shirts with the slogan, "my body, my choice" to bring attention to the need for funding of rape crisis centres in England and Wales. Every single slogan of Aurat March, including the aforesaid one, directs to shatter the already persisting hegemony of patriarchy. "My body my, choice" is a slogan that is meant to represent the idea of personal bodily autonomy, bodily integrity and freedom of choice. [34] According to Barry, the right and access to abortion manifests one of the last struggles to achieve women's bodily autonomy. TAKE THE PLEDGE Anti-vaxxers Stole ‘My Body, My Choice’ from the Abortion Rights Movement. [29] Protesters carried banners reading "My body, my choice" in response to the government's plans to limit abortion access in the country. This is not the first slogan that has become hot-button. As a female, I know that my rights have been and continue to be up for debate. My body, my choice is a feminist slogan used in several countries, most often surrounding issues of bodily autonomy and abortion. ", When the 2015 viral short film, My Choice, starring Deepika Padukone, was released, it received a largely negative response on social media. [64] In Zambia a youth collective called 'Africa First' takes lead in creating social dialogue awareness regarding youth sexuality and abortion and stigma around the issue. [1] Bodily integrity is the inviolability of the physical body and emphasizes the importance of personal autonomy, self-ownership, and the self-determination of human beings over their own bodies. [31], In 2017 Protest in Lusaka for Women's empowerment issues Zambian women marched with slogans like "My Body, My Sexuality. My Body My Choice is a campaign to end stigma around abortion. The book covers the conflict over abortion around the world. The society has been seen divided into two camps; one favor and other opposes the rhetoric. We want a healthy body, nature and planet. There’s simply no justification to hurting somebody else just because you’re involved with it. The majority of those who are against this rhetoric don’t know the intrinsic meaning of ‘My body, my choice’. My body. Patriarchy has historically marginalized the women and pushed them towards the subaltern section of society. This website is for people who support freedom and insist that noone decides over your body other than yourself. [72] The slogan has been similarly co-opted by those against the wearing of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. 751 likes. Some variations in English include, "My life my choice; My life my rules", "My body, my rules. According to UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem, it is long way to go for all girls & women to have autonomy in decision making and means to govern their own bodies.[42][43]. In this game of power politics, powerful decides the rules of the game. [53] In 2020, these hardline critics of the slogan stated that it was "anti-Islamic" to imply that women could do as they wished with their bodies. [10] Like men, women too need to have right to choose their religion or what they want to wear (or not wear) and that the message behind the slogan is very important. This enduring power-centric hegemony has imparted them with legitimacy to define and color things. But one photo stands out: A young woman holding a small American flag and a white poster showing a crossed-out surgical mask and emblazoned with the words " We must have the right to say that we can't tolerate sexual harassment and to say no to decisions regarding our marriages by other [family members]. Capitalism, gaining strength in 17th- … ", "Why 'My Choice' featuring Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone is not everyone's choice", "Deepika Padukone's video for Vogue is not empowering—it's hypocritical", "My Body My Choice: The Fight for Abortion Rights", "Gucci Collection Promotes Abortion Rights Amid Wave of Abortion Restrictions in U.S.", "Best to Get Flu Shot if You Plan on Being in Public", "How Masks Went From Don't-Wear to Must-Have During the Coronavirus Pandemic", "So you're having a boy. In this video, Kirsten Watson, wife of Superbowl Champion Benjamin Watson, explains how to respond to “My Body, My Choice” and reinforce the pro-life argument for the most vulnerable members of society. It will not be an exaggeration to state that the rhetoric ‘My body, my choice’ resounded more and more in the recent week. Even an arch portion of the society is not ready to comprehend the deep-down meaning attached to the rhetoric. Opposed to this, the problem can be fixed with the mentalities who think so. The use of the slogan has caused different types of controversy in different countries and is often used as a rallying cry during protests and demonstrations and/or to bring attention to different feminist issues. Elmoudjaweb - December 16, 2020. [24] My Choice not only refers to reproductive rights but also a range of women's rights issues relating to South Asian women, such as freedom to choose clothing, movement, love sex and marriage. The st… My Rights, My Choice"; "My Body, My Choice"; "We Have the Right to Be Heard"; and "Before I'm a Woman, I'm a Human. Bodily autonomy constitutes self determination over one's own body without external domination or duress. At no point do you need to consider the existence of a third party to follow the logic. [61] The writer of the Quartz article, Gunjeet Sra, felt that the choices made only reflected those already approved by society. [65] Feminist Coven and Sistah Sistah Foundation have arranged women's rights Marches around the same themes with slogans like 'keep your policies off my body' to contest rape culture and raise their voices on issues like education and reproductive health to equal political and economic representation. [53], Sometimes the criticism of the slogan is that it is too strident and inappropriate. My Body My Choice also explains the basics of reproductive health in an affirming, non-stigmatizing, and digestible way for young readers. Feminists usually defend an individual's right of self determination over their bodies for sexual, marriage and reproductive choices as rights. In late 1969 the slogan was again coined as a feminist struggle for reproductive rights and subsequently noted by the global feminist struggle. The writer can be reached at [email protected], Home But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? ‘My Body My Choice’ – Jaweb. (my poster, your choice? [38] Emma Fraser asserts that it is by a lack bodily autonomy society declines that women do have mind beyond their bodies and that amounts to cruelty with women. Facebook. Recently, the slogan ‘My Body, My Choice’ was highly visible in protests against conservative states in the US seeking to mount new legal challenges to Roe v Wade case and banning abortion (and in some states making it a felony, and with no reprieve for rape or incest). By. In the Bangla language, the slogan is "shorir amar shidhhanto amar". Here's what you need to know about infant circumcision", "Your Body, Your Choice: Fight for Your Somatic Rights", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=My_body,_my_choice&oldid=995696673, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 11:49. The slogan ‘My body, my choice’ symbolically dares the inferiority of women and challenges the attribute concomitant to manhood. “My body, my choice” is a very popular phrase most commonly referred to when speaking about consent or abortion. and "Women Need Love, Not Abortion." The argument simply doesn’t apply when someone else is directly connected to those actions. [10] Mehr Tarar asserts that women's claim of rights over their own bodies and own choices is a God-given right strengthened by the finest of human values. [64], In writer Laurell K. Hamilton's novel Danse Macabre, the character Ronnie asks another character, Anita, "how you can be pro-choice and pro-life same time?" Share. So, ‘My body, my choice’ is the continuity of the consciousness that challenges and resists the manhood’s long rule. [71] The collection was inspired by fashion of the 1970s and included clothing bearing the words, "My body, my choice. [33] According to Ursula Barry throughout human history the bodily autonomy of women has been contested. Roe v. Wade 1974 – YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE… Four state residents even filed a lawsuit claiming the mandate is violating their “personal liberty, and constitutional rights,” including their right to privacy. | Latest News & Updates at DNAIndia.com", "Aurat March of Pakistan: The decoding of Mera Jism Meri Marzi or My Body, My Choice". "[47] In 2014 Amnesty international campaigned with slogan "My body, my rights". This marginalized section of society feels that they have strategically kept impotent to be ruled. Barry emphasizes that women's freedom from violence is about the right to bodily integrity. The rhetoric has been used in symbolic terms. Your right to know 267 likes. My Body My Choice. ........Learn more #MyBodyMyChoice is a partner-driven social and community media campaign that aims to break the silence and end the stigma around a critical sexual and Reproductive health issue: access to safe abortion. "Hundreds Protest Alabama Abortion Ban: 'My Body, My Choice! The cognition allied with this rhetoric also contends for a gender-equal world with the least gender discrimination. One of the alleged rape case, the victim in India phrased her argument in words Mera jism mera hai, mere employer ka khilona nahi (My body is mine, Not a toy to be played by my employer) Editor’s Picks, Contact It also claims that the values regarding superiority and inferiority have been socially constructed and artificially structured. [57] Proponents of the slogan claim that it is being misinterpreted and misunderstood by critics. Conservatives are now crying "my body, my choice" over wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19 but keep fighting the pro-choice movement. However, many abortion-choice advocates understand basic biology. [14], In 2011 Hong Kong started an anti slutshaming and anti victim blaming movement called slut walk. and women's rights like access to birth control, abortion, and reproductive health are attacked. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Pelosi Mask Mandate Violates Her Rights: 'My Body My Choice' By Jacob Jarvis On 12/16/20 at 7:50 AM EST. The argument simply doesn’t apply when someone else is directly connected to those actions. Lead Stories [61], The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is anti-abortion and has criticized the slogan. [77], Variations and translations in other languages and geographies, Paragraph forked imported from Wikipedia article, African-American women's suffrage movement, International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25), International Conference on Population and Development, Sexual and reproductive health and rights, United Nations Commission on Population and Development, Xenotransplantation: Ethical, Legal, Economic, Social, Cultural, Personal Autonomy, the Private Sphere and Criminal Law, "Pakistani Women Are Proudly Declaring 'Mera Jism Meri Marzi' After Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar's Abusive Rant On TV", Background document for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) held at Nairobi summit in 2019, "Vatican cancels football match with Vienna over anti-abortion protests", "Hong Kong's fourth annual SlutWalk stands against sexual violence", "In Pictures: 'A long way to go' - over 100 people march in Hong Kong's annual SlutWalk against sexual assault", "Educating Childrens The Importance of Safety", "OP-ED: Our bodies, our selves – towards reproductive justice in South Africa", "My body, my mind, my choice: Deepika Padukone", "Deepika Padukone's 'empowering' video: Whose choice is it anyway? My Body, My Choice The United States have been arguing the ethics of abortion for decades. "[67], Author Jess McCabe introduces a glossary of concepts related to the slogan 'My body my choice' which includes Abortion, Bodily autonomy, Contraception, First nations, Forcible sterilization, Gendered, Heteronormativity, Institutionalized culture, LGBTQI, Prenatal testing, Pro-choice, Reproductive justice, Selective abortion, Sex positive feminism, Sexual consent, Social model of disability, Social mores, Social justice; in her book 30-Second Feminism: 50 Key Ideas, Events, and Protests, Each Explained in half a minute. Conservatives are now crying "my body, my choice" over wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19 but keep fighting the pro-choice movement. Moreover, the rhetoric is a conscious effort to offer to escape to women from all the injustices and inequalities being inflicted on them. "My body, my choice." It is a cry of individuality. The rhetoric contends for restructuring the system of patriarchy. [12] The document further elaborates that everyone has the right to make their own choices about their own sexual and reproductive health, which means that every one should be able to have a satisfying and safe sex life, the right to self-determination to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so. [10] According to Sondra Horton Fraleigh a woman's body is not determined by limitations but is a lived experience created through one's free-willed actions and choices in inter connected continuity with one's mind. The fetus (unborn child) relies on the mother completely for its existence; 2. [76], According to Kyle Munkittrick in Discover, "My body my choice" is a somatic right that can also be claimed by transhumanists. [30], In 2015, in the United States, the slogan was used as a hashtag, to indicate support for Planned Parenthood, which was in danger of losing government funding. [49], The phrase Mera Jism Meri Marzi, meaning My Body, My Choice in Urdu and Hindi, has some variations too, like Meri zindagi, meri marzi (My life, my choice) meri zindagi mere faisale (My life, my decisions). [34], According to Shehzil Malik, the slogan means that for all actions between people, actions require consent and that means that women need not experience their bodies getting groped, abused, harassed, or violated. They provide the explanations of phenomena in the way as their interests are vested in. Manhood and masculinity have remained in power for centuries. [63], 2018 UN Gender equality index indexes Zambia at 131 out of 162 countries. [54] The slogan is considered "vulgar" and sometimes, as anti-government in Pakistan by some critics. This whole process of social construction has long been cultured. The phrase Mera Jism Meri Marzi, meaning My Body My Choice in Urdu and Hindi, has some variations too, like Meri zindagi, meri marzi (My life, my choice) meri zindagi mere faisale (My life, my decisions). One of the claims of the pro-choice movement is that the unborn baby is a part of the mother’s body and that in having ownership over her body the mother has a right to do with her body as she chooses. People rarely connect that phrase with the simple act of choosing what to wear or drinking alcohol or shaving body hair, but it should be a … “My body, my choice” gives everything needed to understand the position. There are many “pro-life” arguments and I put pro-life in quotations because I don’t believe that the people who call themselves that are really pro-life at all, I think they’re pro-birth which is completely different. ", "It's Your Choice, Not Theirs! Each of these slogans and rhetoric is nascent steps to restructure the societal patterns. The Aurat March and slogans raised in Aurat March have defied the centuries-long rule of men and their hegemony. Company’s Financials "[29], Criticism of the use of "my body, my choice" in the United States often comes in response to its use in abortion rights issues. The rhetoric counters rationally the social construction that has negated equality between man and woman. The rhetoric stands for manifesting equal rights and freedom in true spirit. The initiative "call[s] for protecting and promoting women's rights to make decisions about their reproductive health, bodies and lives." This is a widely believed lie in our culture—a lie particularly fed by the abortion industry, and perpetuated by many in recent generations. My Body, My Country, My Choice December 23, 2020 Globally Refusing Vaccines: 75% Of Israelis Refusing To Get Vaccinated December 23, 2020 Democrats, Take Your Power-Hungry Demagogues And Shove It! Compensation of wrong done by man. It's one of the most common claims used to defend abortion. To substantiate it, in the rural area of Pakistan, girls are forcefully married, without their consent, to the aggrieved family for compensation. Pinterest. I know I would have … Kirmani says those who oppose the slogan perpetuate a culture of rape, sexual harassment, child marriage, physical abuse, lack of healthcare, domestic violence, human trafficking, and bonded labour/slavery. If the “choice” ends another, separate human life, than the argument simply has no ground to stand on. [11], Background document for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) held at Nairobi summit in 2019 sums up, 'state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in all aspects relating to sexuality and the reproductive system Good sexual and reproductive health' can only be termed to be 'Good sexual and reproductive health', to achieve the same, every person need to have a right to make decisions governing their body and to access services that support those rights. We ask them to stop killing us in the name of honor and give us the right to say no because we have the right to say no to anything that we don't feel comfortable with. ), making way for 'mera mazhab, meri marzi' (my religion, my choice) in an allusion to forced conversion, and 'mera wajood, meri marzi' (my existence, my choice). The rhetoric ‘My body, my soul’ is the expression of that. Both Lives Matter | Blog | My Body My Choice. In French it is "Mon corps, mon choix" (My body, my choice). [28], In 2012, an abortion rights demonstration in the Kadiköy district in Istanbul drew 3,000 women. [60][61] Quartz India criticized the film for being hypocritical, since Padukone was advocating choice, while still adhering to patriarchal standards in other movies she stars in. MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Alabama Capitol on Sunday to protest the state's newly approved abortion ban, chanting "my body, my choice… But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? "Why Women in Zambia's Capital Joined the Women's March", "Women's Day: Pakistani women demand bodily rights, gender equality | DW | 08.03.2020", "Love, friendship, and bodily autonomy in Never Let Me Go", "Politics of Voices: Notes on Gender, Race & Class", "As Nairobi Summit opens, leaders express optimism and urgency in securing rights for all", "Our challenge is to finish the Unfinished Business", "Vast numbers of women lack decision-making power over their own bodies, says UNFPA flagship report", "Full text of "Men On Strike Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, And The American Dream ( PDFDrive.com ), "Songbird Lizzie Marvelly's campaign goes global", "Huge Crowds in Washington for Abortion-Rights Rally", http://dspace.bracu.ac.bd/xmlui/bitstream/handle/10361/1537/Daily%20Star_New%20forms%20and%20new%20challenges.pdf?sequence=1, "तेजपाल ने जो किया वह रेप हैः मुतास्सिरा सहाफी", "Pakistani Islamists Accused of Defacing Pro-Woman Mural", "International Women's Day: With Shoes And Stones, Islamists Disrupt Pakistan Rally", "Aurat March is Not Confined to Single Slogan", "Aurat March 2020: A case for 'scandalous' slogans", "Some people really don't understand what Mera Jism Meri Marzi really stands for, and it shows", "Explainer: What does Mera Jism Meri Marzi mean? The esoteric meaning attached to this rhetoric needs an academic insight to be comprehended. Politics Coronavirus House of … Maybe you have seen written responses to the “my body, my choice” statements which reflect what these figures point out; biologically, a preborn human is not the woman’s body or a part of her body. On the other hand, the other body is recognized for its use in labor and exploitation which is generally associated with women's bodies in the working-class or with women of color. Anti-abortion protesters replied with "Have compassion on the little ones!" To begin with, it is impossible to reply directly to this slogan unless we have the user clarify what he or she means by it. Feminists say this...No one has the right to abort a fetus in a body. The rhetoric highlights the structural violence, injustices, and inequality inflicted on women of our society. So, I fight for the right of women to have safe and healthy choices regarding their bodies and their choice to give birth or not. My Body My Choice. The supporters of the rhetoric contend that neither man is dominant nor woman is submissive. This extreme concentration of power has authorized men to decide the fate of girls and women regarding their life, education, life partner and patterns? Anita replies that she wants women to have choices; still there is another life once big enough to live outside the womb. [69][70], In 2019, Gucci debuted a fashion collection based on feminist social movements. Manhood and masculinity have remained in power for centuries. “If it’s my body, then I get to punch the person next to me” is not an argument that sane people will find logical. Cerabino is not happy about it. [12], According to Anjum Altaf, the ironic history of the term is during the 17/18 century process of capitalism replacing feudalism, the slogan 'My body, my choice' was imposed by oppressor men on oppressed men in an effort to officially regularize bonded laborers own bodies as private properties and extending property rights over them.[13]. [27], When asked whether "my body, my choice" was priority for women of non-elite social classes, and whether "my life" might be better wording than "my body", Pakistani women's rights activist Marvi Sirmed retorted that "my body, my choice" is an issue relevant to Pakistani women across all classes, and that "'My body, my choice' means that no society can wage their wars at the expense of a woman's body. [46] During the April 2004 march in Washington, D.C., a pro-abortion March raised slogans like "My Body Is Not Public Property! Investor Information In this video, Kirsten Watson, wife of Superbowl Champion Benjamin Watson, explains how to respond to “My Body, My Choice” and reinforce the pro-life argument for the most vulnerable members of society. [8], According to Suzannah Weiss, the slogan, "My body, my choice" is a feminist idea which can applicable to women's reproductive rights and other women's rights issues. Our religion gives us the right to choose our life partner, so why not society?