For secret votes, this e-mail also contains a secret voting code. The blog entries are constantly updated. Hygiene Concept of Chemnitz University of Technology (Version 1.5, December 15, 2020), Additional special constructions for conducting courses on site, Additional special constructions for conducting meetings etc. A prerequisite for non-recognition is that the format of the exam or the format of teaching differs from the module description, which is likely to affect most courses in the current summer semester, since digital forms of teaching are specified in very few module descriptions. Keine Freiversuche an der TU Chemnitz - dennoch Erleichterung für die Studierenden im Corona-Semester. Therefore, please consider which parts of your lecture should be presented as video and which in other formats (for example text!). The deadlines for all papers registered before 11 March are automatically extended by 61 days (21 in March, 30 in April, 10 in May). 3 Sentence 2 TV-L or flexitime credits or vacation can be claimed. 1 WissZeitVG, the respective line manager can apply to the Human Resources Department for an extension of up to six months (reasoning employment contract in the period from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021) or an extension of up to twelve months (continuation employment contract in the period from March 1 to September 30, 2020) using the usual procedure and stating the financing details. For the exact daytime availability, please refer to the, 02 till 03/01/2021 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon. From there, the medical certificate will be sent to the Human Resources Department. When you record an entire lecture, very large amounts of data are created very quickly. Every person at Chemnitz University of Technology is obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover (mouth-nose mask) in the outdoor area and in open spaces as well as in all publicly accessible rooms with regular public traffic (mask obligation). It is not necessary to give reasons. A mouth-nose mask must be worn when visiting the authority. In addition, Ms Monique Kautz (phone +49 371 531-34254, e-mail: bfau@...) is your contact person in the Office for Security at Work and Environment Protection (BfAU) at Chemnitz University of Technology. website of the Free State of Saxony on the corona virus. The system is only designed for temporary use during (extended) stand-by operation and is not intended as a permanent solution for later normal operation. Currently, eight employees of Chemnitz University of Technology have been tested positive for the corona virus. If you use a current version of PowerPoint, you can record presentations with relative ease. An informal application to the ZPA is sufficient. Chemnitz und Stollberg Sarah Seidel und Mike Herrmann vor der Mensa der TU Chemnitz Bildrechte: MDR/Anett Linke Der Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk ist Mitglied der ARD . If a funding period has expired, students should simply continue to submit BAföG applications in a timely manner. for people seeking help with very urgent acute stress and psychological crises. If you are currently in your home country and have not yet picked up your certificate, it may be necessary for you to apply for a new visa. If you have questions or problems that you would like to send to the URZ, please use only the ticket function (send your request by e-mail to support@...) and include a short, concise keyword about your problem or question in the subject of the e-mail. April neu eröffnet. If this is not possible in an individual case, the following options are also available (in each case, the prerequisite is that no other care option is available): In the case of the closure of schools, daycare centers, or other care facilities or their partial closure due to the spread of the coronavirus: Provided that this does not conflict with official or operational interests, civil servants pursuant to § 14 para. You can find more information on the contact page of the ZPA. External committee members who do not have an account can apply for an account before the first meeting using the form. If you have any questions, you can also contact the Foreigners Registration Office via e-mail – describe your request in detail and expect a longer response time due to the current situation: the candidate sits alone in a closed room and. Yes, introductory lectures (including the interview with the appointment committee) during the meetings of appointment committees may be held in (partial) attendance, provided that the existing hygiene and safety regulations can be fully observed. How is the invoice processing handled during selective and limited presence operation? Regulation for the period of New Year's stand-by operation: In the period from 2 to 10 January 2021, neither on-site courses nor other on-site events such as committee meetings, etc. In addition, the following regulations apply: If a medical certificate has established the need for supervision, care, or nursing of your sick child, there is a right to exemption according to § 45 SGB V (if your child is insured in the public health insurance system, lives in your own household, and is under 12 years of age or disabled and in need of assistance) in 2020 for a maximum of 15 working days or for a maximum of 30 working days for single parents. If necessary, he or she adjusts the voters for this vote, for example, by excluding participants if they are biased or by adding additional participants to the list. all employees of Chemnitz University of Technology are required to make use of mobile work as far as possible. Here you can use the tools DFNConnect and DFNConf provided by DFN. Should this be possible in the future, we will inform you immediately here. When do the lectures and seminars start in the 2020/2021 winter semester? Who will have access to the university buildings during, Will the IT services of Chemnitz University of Technology be maintained during, How is the parcel/mail acceptance and distribution within Chemnitz University of Technology handled during. § 12 Service Agreement on Working Time Regulations), Due to the feared steep rise in the number of infections after the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve, Chemnitz University of Technology will be put into. After recording, the presentation can be edited as usual. Are events currently taking place at Chemnitz University of Technology? On the telephone number 116117, general practitioners and specialists can help on call. The hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology must be strictly adhered to. Foto: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm; Dr. Silvio Heider vom Patentinformationszentrum der TU Chemnitz diskutierte unter anderem den Nutzen gewerblicher Schutzrechte. The concrete form of the inspection of written examinations is not regulated by the examination regulations or otherwise by law, so that the form of the inspection requires a discretionary decision. Dabei handelt es sich in einschlägigen Fällen um eine Mitteilung an die Stadt Chemnitz zur Einleitung eines Bußgeldverfahrens nach § 8 Abs. Students may withdraw from exams without notice and without giving reasons, even in the case of their third attempt at an exam, with immediate effect and until the resumption of regular teaching activities. Clean your workplace thoroughly, especially when leaving or entering the office if you have to share it with other people (e.g. Please note that, for technical reasons, each participant must first have accessed the voting portal so that he or she can be entered as being entitled to vote by the voting manager. If you have any questions, please consult the contact persons for your faculty in section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. In order to ensure protection against infection, it is always necessary to make an appointment in advance by phone +49 371 488-3371. by using the web conference system "BigBlueButton"). Attention: Due to the current excessive use of video tools, we advise you to use the tools described below sparingly. The Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning OPAL is the central teaching/learning platform of the universities in Saxony, which is realised by the BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH. For students who have to retake an examination in the summer semester (end of a year for the first retake; next possible date for the second retake), the deadline for retaking the examination is extended until the next possible date (usually 2020/2021 winter semester). What are the technical requirements for digital courses? It is currently not possible to assess whether currently planned stays abroad at partner universities in the near future can be started regularly, as the situation and protective regulations regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) are also constantly changing in other countries. PowerPoint files quickly become very large when using image and video. You can find more information on the website of the Student Service Point. According to the company medical service, the candidate is not obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover during the defence if the required minimum distance is maintained. Please note that the inability to work and its expected duration must be reported immediately and, if the inability to work lasts longer than three calendar days, a medical certificate confirming the existence of the inability to work and its expected duration must be submitted - regardless of whether you are working in mobile work or not during selective and limited presence operation. There are no separate times on site for patients with symptoms or patients without symptoms, i.e. In principle, mobile work does not release you from your work contract obligations. In this respect, the time sheet must be completed in the usual form. In the “Open Media” window, click on “+Add” and select the file you want to convert or reduce. used by several people. If this confirmation cannot be provided immediately, it can be submitted within one working day. How can I reduce the file size? When you save the file again, it will take up considerably less space. Yes, if you return from trips in a risk area (definition see below) or if you have had contact with a person who is proven to be infected with the coronavirus or if there is any other possibility that you may have been infected with the virus, please avoid contact with other people, do not come to work and first contact a doctor by telephone and seek advice. Rectorate, administration, crisis management team and the e-learning team of the University Computer Centre, TU4U, digital higher education and LiT+ are working on improving the general conditions for colleagues. In this case, preparation and execution of the appointments in presence can be carried out independently. It is difficult enough for students to follow a classic lecture for 90 minutes, but as a video stream it becomes even more difficult. Is it possible to submit my timesheet electronically about my work as a student/scientific assistant? No further or prior examination by the Human Resources Department is required in these cases. Please announce the meetings until one week before the meeting date via e-mail to support@.... You will then receive the necessary contact details. Consequently, business trips will only be possible as an exception requiring special justification and should be reduced to an absolute minimum. as well as by phone on +49 371 531-10000. as well as by phone on +49 371 531-10030. meetings by videoconference should be limited “only to the absolutely important points”. Their contact details as well as their times of entering and leaving have to be documented in the relevant form to allow the tracking of contact chains. In case only your child is affected by a quarantine measure, there is always the possibility to apply for special leave according to § 12 Abs. The explanation is too long for a FAQ however ;). CORONA: Prüfungen mit Videokonferenz. The MIT Media Lab has published a collection of tips for successfully conducting online meetings with 2 to 25 participants. Das zweite große Thema des Tages war die Unzufriedenheit mit den Mensapreisen. Violations are regarded as administrative offences and will be punished with fines. Can I claim emergency care for my child(ren) in a day care centre or school? However, a list of the employees belonging to the core team must be sent by e-mail to kontakt-corona... via the deans' offices, central institutions, and departments by 21 December 2020. You can find more information on the contact page of the Student Service Point.